To shop online you need to register?

Yes, so you can make and receive their orders need to do is register in our online store to be recorded all your data. The correct completion of the data is extremely important that orders arrive at your address correctly.

What is the deadline for orders in Portugal?

Orders are always shipped in Priority Mail.
The delivery in mainland Portugal is 1-2 days and 2-3 days for the islands.

What is the value of sending orders to Portugal?

Orders for Portugal (Mainland and Islands) are sent by Priority Mail.
The value of Shipping is Free.

How long is the delivery of parcels in Rest of the World?

Orders are shipped in international mail and delivery in Rest of the World is from 8 to 20 business days (deadline set by the post of Portugal).

What is the value of sending orders to Rest of the World?

Orders are shipped in international mail and delivery in Brazil is from 8 to 20 business days (deadline set by the post of Portugal).
The cost of shipping to Brazil is free.

What is Paypal? How it works?

PayPal is a company that allows you to transfer money between individuals or businesses using an e-mail, thus avoiding the traditional methods such as checks and bank.
PayPal is the safest ways to make online payments using any credit card also allows you to make payments in more than 50 different types of currency.

To use PayPal, simply create an account. To add funds simply go to your PayPal account and add a credit card to become a certified member. Then you can send payments to anywhere in the world.

What is Moneybookers is ClickandBuy?

ClickandBuy and Moneybookers are companies, like Paypal that allow the transfer of money between individuals or businesses using an e-mail.

These are two types of alternative payment secure enough.

How can I track my order?

All orders are shipped via Post Office recorded delivery in Portugal. After receiving confirmation of dispatch of your order may request the registration number of the order so you can trace it to the final resting place.
The screening is done at the site of the Post of Portugal (www.ctt.pt) and Post Office in Brazil (www.correios.com.br).

The products are unique and have warranty?

Yes, all products we sell are original and have two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If not like an item purchased at the store, can I change?

Yes, all items purchased at our online shop can be exchanged within 5 days after receiving the order. For it is done in exchange for the article must be authorized by us to do so, please send us an email (info@clickoptica.com) and let us know that you want to return. Immediately receive all instructions for the respective exchange is made.
Please note that sending the article to change can be made only after receiving the product you want to swap.
The value of shipping the item for exchange are always supported by the client.

What types of payment available?

The types of payment are: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Postal collection (only for Portugal), Paypal and Moneybookers;

Payments can be spread on Credit Card?

No, all payments must be made at once and never paid in installments since banks do not allow Portugal installment payments online.

I can not find the brand / model I want, you can order from the supplier?

In addition to the brands and models available in our online store, we have access to suppliers that provide access to various brands and models of glasses. If you did not find any model or brand you want, send us an email that an employee of the store will be available for (a) help.

Prices charged at the online store are different from physical stores?

Yes, the online store usually performs 20 different prices of our physical stores because it has different campaigns and promotions.

How does the after sale?

All items purchased online have a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Also, if possible, may request assistance at any of our 20 stores, just to submit the receipt.
If you can not, you may request assistance by sending us an email that is open to the care process and then have to send the article to our warehouse to be repaired.



Should you not find the answer to your question, please contact our customer service via email info@clickoptica.com.